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mInitial Ideas

Steroid use

I was going to use steroids because I thought that it would fit in and would relate because it is a drug but I chose a different idea because I don’t thin k that many 16 year olds use Steroids. Whilst researching Steroids I found out a lot and why they are used these are a few of the things I found out about people who use Steroids. Steroids are used as the main treatment for certain inflammatory conditions but they are also abused by athlete to gain muscle. There are also many effects of using steroids like

 Steroid use spider diagram

  • Reduce sperm count and potentially make you infertile.
  • It can shrink the testicles.
  • Erectile dis-function
  • Baldness
  • Breast development
  • Can cause prostate cancer
  • Severe acne

And many more effects

To make this video I would have went to a gym and ask around questions to see how popular the use of steroids are and see what people think of them

My theme was going top be: Steroid use, good or bad for fitness?

where I found this info: mayoclinic


Another one of my ideas was to make a film about teenage use of Marijuana because it is relatable to a lot of young people aged 16-24 which was the age range I was aiming for. The reason I went for something else was because it is a touchy subject and people might not want to talk about it and be open because in the UK it is an illegal substance.

The question I was going to ask was: What are the side effects of marijuana? but then we changed it to: Do you think that the UK should legalize Marijuana?

This is what I found whilst researching about Marijuana:

The effects of Marijuana are not to bad, if you consider other drugs but it can still change the way you think. This Is what makes Marijuana a lot safer to use. marijuana is a very widespread drug by young people, 3.8% of the world’s population at least once per year according to priceenomics.com

These are the questions I was going to ask about Marijuana legalization in the UK:

What is your opinion on legalization of Marijuana in other places in the world and should we think about legalization of medical Marijuana in Britain?

Do you think that celebrities make the use of Marijuana seem ok to a younger generation?

Would you be tempted to try Marijuana if you thought all of your friends were trying it?

To make this video I would have gone around the college and ask questions to see if they know anyone who makes it or if they have smoked it

Sites I used for info:



Final interview idea

My final idea for my interview was: Do you think that rap music affects the way that young people think? We went with this because we t thought that it would connect with the people who at this college more because it is aimed at 16-24.We also chose this idea because hip-hop artist are now the most popular form of artist and are acting in obscene ways which is catching people’s attention. The original questions we were going to ask were:

  • Do you think modes day rappers affect the way teens think?
  • Are you aware of the violence in rap music videos and lyrics?
  • Do you think rappers are a bad influence to teens?
  • Do you think rappers could influence people to do drugs?

After we made those questions we went to interview 2 people but we soon realized that those questions are yes and no questions so we needed to change them to something else. So we changed our questions to:

  • Do you think modern day rappers affect the way teens think? If you do why and how?
  • Why do you think that there is so much violence and drugs in rap music videos?
  • What are your opinions open rappers?
  • What positive affects do you think rappers have on teens?
  • Why do you think rappers are so popular at the moment?

After we made those questions we decided that they were good so we interviewed someone else using them and it turned out really good. We also have another interview which someone else in the group has done so we haven’t seen yet but that was with the old questions.

After that we went out and filmed some transactions so that it would be put together better.We successfully also filmed the narrator who was tom and put it into our film he mentioned a lot of things like how rappers can be inspiring and how they can help people but he also mentions the bad things like the language. Another thing he mentioned was how fast rappers are growing so we can put that into our films as positive ways to think of rappers.

Test shots.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.14.50.png

This is my first test shot of a mid shot. We chose to do this one inside because we wanted to see the difference of an internal and external. I liked this shot because he is not looking at the camera and he is looking at someone who isn’t in shot. On the other hand I think this shot would be a lot better if I add music because it is very silent inside.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.18.04.png

This is another test mid shot and this time he is outside because we wanted to know what is sounded like outside and if the ambience made the quality worse but I thought that it made it sound better. On the other hand this shot could be bad because there is no where to sit or relax for the people we are interviewing.


In the beginning of unit 1 and 2 i was going to research the use of steroids and i wanted to see if teens knew the negative effects of using them. I was going to ask questions like ‘do you know anyone who uses them?’ Or ‘would you ever be tempted to use steroids?’ But I decided that it was too personal and nobody would want to speak about that subject. After that we decided to ask teens about the use of marijuana because we thought that it was a very popular subject between teens who are ages 16-19. We did do a lot of research about the use of marijuana, we made a PowerPoint about it and we also made a lot of questions like ‘do you want to try marijuana?’ Or ‘have you been pressured into trying marijuana?’. We then did some test shooting for it and we were ready to go and film our interviews but we soon started to realise that it might be too personal and people wouldn’t want to openly speak about the subject of marijuana, especially because it is illegal. After we decided not to go for marijuana we decided to think about what teens enjoy doing and then after a while we decided to change everything and do out interviews on rappers as people my age are very into music and there is a lot of questions to ask people.

Pre production we planned out what questions we wanted to ask and who wanted to ask them, we also figured out where we wanted our interview to be, so that when watching our film there would be a nice background that would make it eye catching. one background was the building with some bright green moss and the other background was inside of the building with paintings in the background. Another thing we did was sort out who we were going to have in our interview as we didn’t want the person being interviewed to feel uncomfortable so we needed to pick people who we have met or spoken to in the past. We also researched different rappers to see what the age gap is and what age range listens to rap/hip-hop the most. We also had to sort out who had what job so that we didn’t all end up doing the same thing or getting confused whilst filming, we had a director, someone asking the questions, someone filming with the camera and someone trying to get the person being interviewed to not look at the camera so that we could get a good shot.

In the actual production we used premier pro to edit our interviews, we chose to do two of our interviews outside and one inside. Whilst I was editing I decided that I needed to music so I chose some grime music because grime can be a type of rap music so I thought that it would suit the style. I also added a few photos of rappers because I wanted the viewers to understand what type of rappers that were being described. Another thing that I added was a lot of jump cuts because I decided that it would be more obvious what was happening if it just cut to the question and had a slide for each question asked. During editing I decided to cut out some parts of the interviews because sometimes the answers didn’t make sense or the camera shook, so I wanted to cut those parts out.

In my final edit for my film I have successfully added all of the interviews I made. This is good because some of the interviews were messy but I managed to make it work and seem like a legitimate interview. We planned this by researching about rappers, seeing who listened to it and then seeing what equipment we will use i already listened to a lot of rap so i knew what was going on and what to look for, we also looked for music to put into our films so that it would suit what the film was about. we added music on the background that wasn’t copyrighted, the music helped create ambience in some shots that were not very lively and it also helped create a new atmosphere. The music i use was hip-hop/rap , I used this because my film is about that, so i thought that it would fit in. Another thing that I did was add pictures to have a clear understanding what type of rappers we were talking about and to show how they dress and look because when people watch my film they will have to search up the artist but if we give footage of the rappers themselves they wont need to, the rappers i chose to show was Lil Xan and 6ix9ine because they both have many face tattoos and they are both controversial rappers.Another reason i chose 6ix9ine was because he recently got life in prison and these are the types of people the teens and kids are listening to. Another thing I added was slides for the question so when you watch it you can read the questions out and you understand what the person was talking about and you may not hear exactly what the question is if someone else is asking it out loud.

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mind map

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